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my name is max salk. i'm a new york-based investment analyst with a passion for landscape photography and the open road. feel free to contact me on social media if you like (or don't like) some of the photographs i've included here. links below.


- max


max salk - how i got into photography

i discovered my interest in landscape photography when i was studying abroad in rotterdam, the netherlands. one morning, i grabbed my camera and walked down to the docks. there was a heavy fog hanging down over the harbor, and i started taking pictures.

following that foggy morning in rotterdam, i began to carry my camera around with me on my travels more frequently. i'm particularly drawn to open, dramatic landscapes, and i try to give the backdrop voice in my photographs. i feel lucky to be able to combine my love of travel with photography, so i can keep a bit of my adventures with me - and share them with you.

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